Water and Massage

It is debatable whether we should drink water straight from the tap, filter our tap water or drink bottled water. Personally I filter my tap water to rid some of the chemicals in it. If I am drinking straight from the tap, I let it run a bit before drinking. I’m not a fan of buying plastic water bottles for the harm it does to our planet, so I fill up a flask with my filtered water to take with me when I go out and about.

Half to two-thirds of our body weight consists of water which is essential for the functioning of nearly all the processes which occur in the body. It aids our digestion and rids the body of unwanted waste. An adult can survive without food for several weeks but only for a few days without water.

Drinking cold water wakes a sluggish digestive system, especially in the morning. Water boosts our absorption of nutrients into the body, boosts regeneration of muscle and blood cells and hydrates the skin making you feel and look healthier. It essentially lubricates all our connective tissues, our muscles, ligaments, tendons and bones, like oil in an engine. Studies have shown that water can help you to burn more calories as part of a healthy lifestyle. I drink water in-between meals as it stops me feeling hungry and keeps my metabolism working efficiently. A headache, constipation or even joint pain can be a clear sign your body is lacking water so get drinking!

My aftercare leaflet gives advice on gaining the most benefit from your massage treatment. ‘Drinking plenty of fresh water to assist the removal of metabolic waste from the body and prevent dehydration from increased urination’ is first on the list of advice. Explaining the scientific research of what your body does during and after massage is another blog! In brief, the manipulation of massaging your muscles and connective tissues improves your blood circulation and lymphatic system as they become more active during massage. Lymph is a fluid which cleans out unwanted waste materials from all around the body and releases it into the bloodstream which enters our kidneys and filters out more noticeably as urine and sweat after massage. Drinking water is therefore important to flush out the increase of unwanted waste after massage and keep your body hydrated from the increase of urination and sweat and loss of water.

‘Drink plenty of fresh water’ is the last thing massage therapists make sure we say to our clients before you leave! How many of you actually do have a couple of glasses of water after your massage? As you can see, drinking water is beneficial throughout the whole day to aid a healthy body and I should say to my clients more often to drink plenty of water before your massage too. If you like water with a lemon or you like it warm, it doesn’t matter as long as you have enough to benefit from your massage.

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