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Covid-19 and What it Means Here

As a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists, I already adhere to high standards of hygienic practice as outlined by the FHT code of conduct and professional practice. However, in light of covid-19 hygiene measures have been reviewed and enhanced by the UK government and World Health Organisation.  I have put into place this Covid-19 policy following government guidelines to ensure the health, safety, and wellness of myself and my clients.

A Covid-19 risk assessment will be carried out for all my clients and a hygiene checklist will be strictly followed. I will regularly hand wash with soap and water or with an alcohol hand sanitiser throughout the day and before and after treatments. I will ask clients to do the same and use disposable paper towels for drying. Gloves will not necessarily be worn to massage. Gloves do not stop infection prevention and cross-contamination but good hand hygiene does. My forearms and elbows used in some massage techniques will also be washed and sanitised. I will wear a disposable medical mask and shield at all times and provide my client with a mask on arrival to wear throughout treatment when necessary. During the massage, I will wear a clean apron and my uniform will be changed daily. All my equipment, products, and surface areas will be thoroughly disinfected with a coronavirus spray. I will give myself plenty of time between clients to allow for deep cleaning. My massage table and chair will be disinfected and covered with fresh sheets, towels and disposable face rests for each client. Towels and sheets will be hot washed above 60 degrees. Dirty towels will be kept in disposable bags for washing and other waste disposed of in bags and placed in a covered foot pedal bin. I will wear disposable gloves for all these tasks. I will provide herbal teas and mineral waters in recycled disposable cups and use biodegradable products as much as possible.

All correspondence, bookings, and payments can be done online. At your appointment, necessary medical and treatment documents, including a Covid-19 declaration form will be protected in plastic sheets and the pen disinfected for you to sign these documents.

All I ask of you is to be vigilant with any signs and symptoms you or someone close to you may have and inform me as soon as possible so I can defer treatment. If you have not been feeling well or have been experiencing a high temperature of 38 degrees and above, persistent cough that is not necessarily dry, shortness of breath, and loss of smell or taste, please ring your GP. I will not charge a cancellation fee related to coronavirus. If I become ill, I will inform all my clients I have been in contact with and isolate for the stated duration until commencing treatments. If a client I have recently been in contact with informs me they have been tested positive for Covid-19, I will also isolate and inform all clients I have been in contact with at that time.

The pandemic has been overwhelming for us all. The Massage Barn has your best interests at heart. You can be rest assured I have you in safe hands. Your treatment will not be restricted or compromised in any way and I will make sure the massage experience is enjoyed as much as ever. If you have any concerns about booking your treatment don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope this gives you confidence in my services and I look forward to being your therapist.

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